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To increase security on all our sites, we will be changing the way administrators access Site Builder in our 8/25 release. Site Builder tools will no longer be available when accessing campaign sites directly. Rather, to access Site Builder, administrators should log into the Admin interface, navigate to the desired campaign, and click the new “Site Builder” button, which will open the campaign site in edit mode.

The new flow is different in a few more ways:

  • The URL of a campaign site in Site Builder/edit mode is a non-whitelabeled URL (i.e., it includes "rallybound"). This is how the browser knows that the user is authenticated in the admin. This change does not affect the URL of campaign sites for your users.
  • The Site Builder URL structure is "[url]", where "[url]" is the front end URL of the campaign site.
  • When navigating to the campaign site with Site Builder, the site will immediately be in "Edit" mode, and there will be no need to click the previous "Enable Editing" button.


  • Will changing a campaign's URL affect my ability to edit the site?
    No. URLs can be changed without issue.
  • Will my admin session time out if I only interact with Site Builder?
    No, the admin session expiration will function as previously, taking into account Site Builder activity.
  • Should I be concerned about external files (CSS, javascript) imported into my campaign site?
    No. Any external files should import properly as they did previously.
  • Will Champion fundraisers be able to access their admin interface? 
    Yes. Champion interfaces and flows remain unchanged.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to our support team at