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Last night, on November 17, 2021, we released our much-anticipated overhaul of our Admin email system. This overhaul includes many changes that will enhance your experience creating, editing, and sending emails. All the changes and new flows are listed below.

Inherited Email Templates

All automated emails and email templates (including both admin and fundraiser templates) can now be managed through the entity/inheritance system. This means that emails can now be added and edited in one location (such as the organization level or a group level) and the changes will apply to all the campaigns within that location. As well, campaigns can override the setting they may inherit from a group entity. Click here to learn more about inherited settings.

Compose Email Flow

Compose is no longer located in its own subtab under Email. To compose a new email, click the red compose button (with the feather icon) within any email subtab. This opens the compose flow, in which you can choose recipients, compose, preview, and schedule or send your email.

Email Lists and Grids

All email lists and grids, including Automated Emails, Email Templates, Outbox, and Sent Emails have been redesigned with a more intuitive user experience, which includes accessing, viewing, editing, and previewing emails.

Additionally, Automated Emails have been restructured restructured for clarity and better functionality. Emails have been grouped by category so that you can more easily find what you're looking for, and Custom Automated Emails, which administrators can create and modify, have been separated into their own "Custom Emails" subtab.


We have introduced a Preview mode, which gives you the tools to configure your email so that you can see how it would look with relevant input parameters. Whenever liquid placeholders are detected in an email, Preview mode presents options to fill that data, either with sample data, or with real data (like donations or users) from your campaign. Whenever liquid logic is detected, Preview mode presents options from which to choose the value of the logic presented. For example, if there's conditional text for team captains, you will be able to toggle an "Is Team Captain" parameter in Preview mode so you can see a preview for each scenario.

Email Designer

Designing a static header and footer for all emails on a campaign is now more intuitive, with a WYSIWYG editor (instead of upload buttons), and can also be done through the entity/inheritance system. Additionally, the header and footer can be edited in Source mode, allowing advanced users to create fully designed and customized email designs by opening HTML tags in the header editor and closing them in the footer editor.

We hope you are as excited about these updates as we are. Stay tuned for more updates in this space, including a redesign of the Custom Emails tab, along with more options for creating custom automated emails.