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To enhance the fundraising process, and encourage competition and motivation, Rallybound offers the ability for organizations to award badges to fundraisers who achieve specified criteria. These badges appear on the fundraiser's personal fundraising page, and can even be displayed on the fundraiser's profile image. You can choose from our default badge set or you can provide your own. 

If you'd like to award badges to your fundraisers, please contact us.

During the process, you will need to compile a list of achievements upon which badges are awarded. We'll need:

  1. The specific criteria a fundraiser should achieve (e.g., team captain, raised $1,000, received 25 donations within 10 days of registering).
  2. The image to use for the particular badge. You can select one from our default set (below) or request an addition to the default set (we may not be able to accommodate all requests). Alternatively, you can provide your own images, in transparent PNG format, with dimensions of 50 x 50px.
  3. Text that pops up when a user hovers over the badge, to indicate what it is for. This should not be more than 3 words.

To learn more about what types of triggers and conditions are available, click here.

Team Captain    Attending Event Promoter