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Activity Stream is the latest addition to our New Admin, which we released earlier this year. With Activity Stream, users at the organizational level can see a real-time stream (grouped daily) of a variety of actions taken by fundraisers and donors across all of the campaigns that an organization is currently running. Each record in the Activity Stream includes a timestamp and links directly to each individual record as well as the specific campaign and personal fundraising page and/or team fundraising page. Profile pictures of the fundraiser or team mentioned are also included (if the user has uploaded a profile picture).

We've broken these actions down into "Transactions," "Registrations," and "Milestones," each of one is color-coded in the stream to easily digest at a glance. With Transactions, nonprofit managers can see and quickly make edits to every donation that comes in. Any event tickets sold will also be shown under Transactions. Additionally, we've added a dollar-amount-slider that can be used to filter donations and tickets: "Registrations" actions include signing up / creating an account for a campaign or joining a fundraising team. Changing a fundraising goal amount will be shown under the Milestones actions.


This can be found on the Activity tab on the new admin interface. Please note: This tab is only accessible to admins with Full Permissions on the Entire Org.










There are 4 filters that can be applied to the activity stream.

1) Transactions - this filters the stream to show all transaction activity. This includes all verified donations and ticket purchases. This does not include registration fee activity. Each record shows the donor name, donation amount, donated to recipient name(campaign, fundraiser or team), and the campaign donation was made on.


2) Registrations - this filters the stream to show all registration activity. Each record shows the registrant name, the campaign they registered on, team name(if they joined or created a team), and if they registered as a team captain.


3) Milestones - this filters the stream to show all goal updated activity. Any fundraiser, team or campaign changing their goal will be recorded here. Each record shows the fundraiser/team/campaign name and the new goal amount. 


4) Transaction amount - this filters the stream to show all transactions that meet the range. This range is derived from the smallest and largest donation amounts in your organization. Changing the range will filter the transactions based on the new range.