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There are two interfaces where administrators can manage their campaigns.

Org Admin

The first, accessed when logging in directly to, is the Org Admin. This interface features functionality like grouping campaigns, creating and managing administrator roles and admin notifications. Click here for more on the Org Admin.

Admin Panel

The campaign Admin Panel is the place where administrators manage everything related to a specific campaign, from settings to communications, to reports. The Admin Panel may be accessed through the Org Admin by locating the relevant campaign and clicking the gear icon. Alternatively, the Admin Panel may be accessed directly (on top-level domains). To do so, enter your campaign site URL and add "/admin" after the URL. So, for example: "". You will then be presented with a log in window, where you can log in using your administrator credentials.

Click here for everything available on the Admin Panel or click here to view a demo.

Browser Support

Our Admin interfaces are supported by all modern browsers, including:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge