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Our Amply integration adds easy one-click employer matching donations directly to your donation forms. When donations are placed, the selected employer and key donation data is submitted directly to your Amply portal where you can efficiently track and manage the matching donation request until it is fulfilled.

Key features:

  • Easy to use type-as-you-go employer search will encourage more donors to select an employer and submit a matching request.

  • Employer search is built directly into the donation form and no embed code is needed.

  • Matching request is submitted together with the donation, eliminating the need for the donor to fill in any secondary forms.

  • The included key donation and event data greatly simplifies the process of adding fulfilled matching donations to fundraiser goals.

Technical Information:
  • Key reporting donation data submitted to Amply includes:

    • Event name

    • Event ID

    • Donor name

    • Donor email address

    • Donation amount

  • Custom fields on the donation form can be pushed to Amply.

To configure Amply on your donation page, you will need an existing account with Amply. When you're ready, please contact us to configure.