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System Emails

Included in any Neon Fundraise instance is a series of system emails that are automatically generated and sent based on specific criteria. For example, when a new user registers, they receive a welcome/confirmation email, with some next steps. Using the power of placeholders, emails can be personalized with detailed information specific to the recipient. 

Automated emails are part of the entity system, meaning they can be managed on any group in the Admin and their content inherited by the campaigns within that group. Click here to learn more about inherited settings.

System emails are accessible in the Admin, under Email > System Emails. There, administrators can activate and deactivate emails, and edit their content. Click here for more on editing auto responders.

Custom Emails

Administrators can add custom automated emails for limited criteria, including days after registration, percentage of goal raised, total amount raised, and number of donations. Adding a custom email is also done in the Admin, under Email > Custom Emails (on the campaign entity only). Click here for more on creating automated emails.