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At Rallybound, we provide tools for nonprofits to increase their reach and fundraising by empowering constituents to advocate on the nonprofit's behalf. We offer a number of products to achieve this goal, such as peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, DIY campaigns, Event Listings, and more. Champion Campaigns bring constituent advocacy to the next level.

With Champion Campaigns, fundraisers can create full-fledged campaigns within which they can accept donations, promote and sell tickets to an event, and even invite friends and family to fundraise around that event. This encourages advocates to bring in their acquaintances, who in turn include their own acquaintances for exponential growth.

We call these fundraisers "Champions", as they have elevated their advocacy work to the next level, in effect championing the nonprofit's cause in a way that requires more effort, and pays off with greater rewards.

Here's how it works, in a nutshell:

  • A fundraiser registers for a "parent" campaign that is configured to allow creation of Champion Campaigns.
  • In their dashboard, the fundraiser creates a new Champion Campaign. They will be able to set the campaign information, such as name, URL, date, and location, and they will be able to select a template from a list of admin-configured templates or past campaigns (for returning Champions) on which to base their campaign.
  • Once their campaign is created, the fundraiser, now a "Champion", will be able to configure their campaign, modify their site, and toggle campaign registration on or off (all limited by the permissions set by an administrator). Champions can determine whether they will primarily be selling tickets or even allow friends and family to register to fundraise for their Champion Campaign.
  • The fundraiser's page on the parent campaign will include funds raised on the parent campaign itself and on any Champion Campaign created in connection to their page as well. Campaign and Team amounts will also include funds raised from Champion Campaigns. This will reflect on the website, wherever progress bars, amounts raised, and leaderboards are displayed; as well as functionally, for emails that get sent when goals are reached and placeholders that calculate amounts raised.

Please see below for details relating to Champion Campaigns.