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Rallybound offers completely customized templates, so you can find the one that is most suited to your organization's style and preferences. This ensures that your campaign site is consistent with your organization's identity and branding. There are three template types that you can choose from:

Full Width

The main image fills the entire width of the browser window. Examples: 


The main image width is equal to the site content. Examples: 


Split Width

The main image shares page width with call-out buttons. Examples:  

Rallybound also provides a possible option of completely integrating your Rallybound sites within your organization's website. The availability of this feature depends on the design and complexity of your organization's website. Please contact us to find out if we can provide this feature for your organization. 

There are other elements which inform the structure and content of your landing pages. Please keep in mind the following elements when choosing your template:

  • Link-back to your organization's website in the site header (it is included in the footer by default)
  • Progress bar
  • Navigation bar above main image
  • Text overlay on main image (
  • Call out buttons (for Register/Event Info/Donate)
  • Social feeds
  • Share buttons 
  • Link to photos and videos