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Organizations can allow administrators and donors to download summary letters that include a list of all that donor's transactions for a given year. 

Summary Letter Details

There is one summary letter available for each year the donor transacted through any campaign in the organization. Transactions include donations, registrations, and ticket purchases.

Summary letters are available to donors to download in their User Profile, in the Payments tab. Additionally, administrators can access each donor's summary letter from the donor record in the Admin, under People > Donors. There is one letter available per year that the donor transacted with the organization.

Summary letters are available in PDF format and include:

  • The organization's name
  • An editable message
    • The message is editable in the Admin on the Organization level, under Forms > Customize > Various - Donation Summary Letter Message.
  • A list of transactions made within a given year
  • Transaction totals

Other Details

Here are some other details associated with this feature:

  • To be used in the summary letter editable message are two unique liquid placeholders:
    • {{Summary_Letter.Year}}, which returns the year of a given summary letter.
    • {{Summary_Letter.Total_Eligible_Amount}}, which returns the total tax deductible amount for the relevant year.
  • Tax deductible amounts are clearly delineated in the transactions list. Here's the breakdown:
    • Donations are 100% tax deductible, including any fees the donor opts to cover
    • Registrations are not tax deductible
    • Donations that are made along with registrations are tax deductible
    • Ticket purchases pull tax deductible amount from the ticket field of the same name
  • If the transactions list includes multiple currencies, currency key are listed alongside the amounts, and totals are omitted from the bottom of the list. Additionally, it is not advised to use the {{Summary_Letter.Total_Eligible_Amount}} placeholder if multiple currencies are expected, as the single total is not able to display the tax deductible amount across multiple currencies accurately.

Configuring Summary Letter

To allow donors to download summary letters of their transactions from the User Profile, please contact support.