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A user can set the criteria for how Salesforce detects duplicate records in 2 ways:

Custom matching. A user can choose between:

  1. Email
  2. Email OR exact first and last name
  3. Email AND exact first and last name

Using Salesforce's matching algorithm which a user sets in Salesforce:

If a user has set up Salesforce to "alert" (requesting instructions for next action) when a duplicate match is found, then on the alert, the user must select how Rallybound should proceed. At this point, Rallybound can:

  • Consider it a match and use the other matched/found record.
  • Create a new record.


Update on Apex sync package 1.47 - 6/21/2017 DEV-3331 - Getting issue details... STATUS

A user can use both custom matching and Salesforce matching at the same time.

  • Email option in custom matching is more robust than Salesforce's matching because it matches the email against all additional email fields. 
  • If a user only wants to use Salesforce matching they can set custom matching to None.