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Rallybound offers the option of letting donors donate on behalf of someone else with the option of including a physical card that the nonprofit will send on their behalf or by sending an eCard. eCards are images provided by the nonprofit as an option for donors to include in an email to notify someone of a donation. The option of including cards be found on any standalone donation page that includes Tribute Fields. (If you do not have a donation page with Tribute Fields let us know and we can add these for you!)

To access the Tribute Fields, go into your campaign admin and access the Form Builder > Tribute. After entering the desired information, you have the option of expanding a section by default by selecting the checkbox next to options.



The example provided above is for a “Tribute”, where the donation is being made in honor of someone who has passed but another individual is being notified. The Tributee Name would represent the deceased while the recipient’s name is captured in another location. Although we refer to these fields as “Tribute Fields” they can be repurposed to celebrate other occasions as well. An example is provided below.
(Note : To change the Placeholder text “Type a message to be displayed with your donation”, go to Settings > Campaign Dictionary > "Page Section – Donation Page – Donation Message Placeholder")

Under “Notifications” is where you will offer the option of sending a card with your donation. 

The “Name” field above indicates the Recipient. This is who the card will be addressed to. 

We offer the option to “Notify via Email” or Notify via Mail”. If you do not want to enable both options you just need to “Deactivate” the form in the form builder through the option on the upper right hand side.

Notify via Email + eCards and Notify via Mail + Cards

A title and description is not required but you can enter one if you choose to.  You also have the option of having this section expand by default by selecting the checkbox. 

Required in this section is the recipients email address (shown) or the mailing address. If the donor would like to send multiple eCards they will need to complete each transaction individually as only one card can be sent at a time. 

Both horizontal and vertical images are supported. The recommended dimension size is 600px width x 400px height or 400px width x 600px height. 

To add your images, select “Add Media”. A pop-up will appear (below) that allows you to select your image and crop to an appropriate size. 

If you want to hide an image for a period (seasonal cards) select the “eye”. When it is transparent the card will not display on the front-end of the site. To delete an image, select the trash can on the far right.



You can also add a description or header for each image by entering text in the text field to the right of the image.
The images can be re-ordered through “drag and drop”.

On the front end this is the view the donor will see. If you deactivate Email or Mail the option to select will disappear.




Along with the message provided, any eCard will include the content included in the “Donation Tribute Notification” auto responder.
You can modify the subject for eCards by entering the following into the subject:  
{% if Notification.Media != null and Notification.Media.Image_Url != null %} SUBJECT FOR ECARD {% else %} SUBJECT FOR NON ECARD {% endif %}

The email placeholders 'Notification.Recipient.First_Name' & 'Notification.Recipient.Last_Name' can also be used in this auto responder.