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Fundraisers can edit elements of their personal or team fundraising pages. To do so, log in to the campaign site, and once in the Dashboard, click the "My Page" tab.

Currently, the editable elements are:

  • Banner Image: Select from a list of campaign images or upload your own with our easy-to-use drag and drop uploader.
  • The profile image can be edited in your profile section. See User Profile Section.
  • Page URL: In the Edit My section, click on the URL icon to change your page URL.
  • Fundraising goal: Change your goal by clicking on the Goal icon in the Edit My section.
  • Welcome message: Edit your "Welcome to My Page" text by clicking on the Welcome Message icon in the Edit My section. By default, this is a simple text editor that doesn't allow for any rich text or HTML editing, but organizations can opt to provide a rich text editor to give fundraisers styling and embed tools as well.
  • Fundraiser Updates:
    • Fundraiser Feed: To add a new post, click one of the gray buttons above the Fundraiser Feed. A post can be text, an image, or a video. Learn more.
    • Media (legacy): To upload a new image/video, click on the big plus button. To delete a default image or video from the multimedia module, click the small “x” on the top right corner of the image or video.
  • Facebook ID: To gain the ability to moderate comments on your page, click Facebook ID in the Edit My section and enter your Facebook ID.