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Neon Fundraise's Email Designer allows administrators to brand all emails sent out from their campaigns. Administrators can configure their email header and footer in the Admin, under Email > Email Designer (on any entity).

HTML Editing — Advanced Users

For more advanced users, you may edit your header and footer HTML directly in the Source tab of the WYSIWYG editor. By opening HTML tags in the header above your content and closing them in the footer, you can create a full-fledged design for your emails. Some things to watch out for when building your email design: 

  • The editor tends to "help" by closing open tags and vice versa. If you are trying to open tags in the header and close them in the footer, please be sure to clean up any areas where the editor may have automatically closed or opened the tags you created.
  • If you move out of the Source tab and into the WYSIWYG editor, all your HTML will be rendered and any unclosed tags will be overridden. There is a warning when moving from Source to WYSIWYG to prevent inadvertent overwriting of your code.