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For those that are using an export/import process with Rallybound data into your CRM/database, we offer an easy way to append the ID to each user within the system. The first step is to notify Rallybound Help Desk to add this option. Once you do you'll want to follow the directions below:

• Append an External Member ID to each registrant and donor within Rallybound so the data mirrors what is stored in the client’s database.


  1. External Member ID exists under:
  2. This upload file contains two columns: Rallybound MemberID and External Member ID. 
    1. The Rallybound Member ID can be found on Rallybound reports listed as UserAccountID. This idea ties one person to an organization across all campaigns.
    2. The External Member ID will be obtained from your system.
  3. To get the Rallybound UserAccountID the following reports must be pulled:
    1. Donors-including-registration-fees---ALL-CAMPAIGNS
    2. Registrants-with-Reg-Fields, -Donation-and-Contacts-Summary---ALL-CAMPAIGNS
  4. The Rallybound UserAccountID will be placed in the first column of the download template. The External Member ID will be placed next to it and will be uploaded via PEOPLE>CONTACTS>UPLOAD EXTERNAL MEMBERIDS CSV
  5. If this is done on a regular cadence for new donors and registrants, the External Member ID will remain updated.