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Understanding that a personal fundraising campaign is dynamic in nature, the digital manifestation of that campaign needs to be transitional and ever-changing. Consequently, the Fundraiser Feed is a living, open connection from the fundraiser to their network. And, as with other Rallybound features, the fundraiser feed looks great on mobile!

Adding a Post

From the fundraising page ("My Page") in the Dashboard, fundraisers are prompted to post text, an image or video. Each of these post types can be canceled by clicking the "x" in the top right of the post window or to the left of the new post. Once a post is added, it appears in the feed with a date stamp to the left. Posts can be deleted by hovering over the post and clicking the trash icon that appears.

Text Posts

Fundraisers can post regular text updates to their feed by clicking the text icon. By default, this is a simple text editor that doesn't allow for any rich text or HTML editing, but organizations can opt to provide a rich text editor to give fundraisers styling and embed tools as well.

Image Posts

Fundraisers can post images to their feed by clicking the image icon which reveals a drop-zone. They can then either drop an image onto the drop-zone or click to choose from the browser's select menu. On mobile, fundraisers can choose from their media library or take a photo to upload. Once the image is uploaded, the fundraiser can add a title and post.

Technical details:

  • Accepted image types are .jpg, ,jpeg, .png, and .gif. 
  • Maximum image size is 10mb.

Video Posts

Fundraisers can post videos by clicking on the video icon which reveals a field into which the fundraiser enters a link to the desired video. The link must be from YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook. Once the link is entered, the fundraiser is shown a preview and prompted to enter a title for the video, after which they can post.

Facebook Live

With this feature, fundraisers can incorporate Facebook Live videos into their feed. This allows fundraisers to essentially hold the modern day version of a telethon right on their personal fundraising page.

To broadcast live, a fundraiser would post the Facebook Live video link to the Fundraiser Feed prior to going live. For more information on how to grab the Facebook Live link, click here. Once the live video has ended, it can be posted to the fundraiser feed the same way one would add any other video link. Retrieve the video link by following these steps:

  1. Click the dropdown at the top of the Facebook post
  2. Click "Embed"
  3. Click "Advanced Settings"
  4. The link is available in the "URL of video" field — copy from there and paste into the fundraiser feed post