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Endurance Challenges is a great way to bring out fundraisers' best effort by engaging them in an endurance activity to help boost their advocacy and, in turn, increase their fundraising. As part of the management capabilities of Endurance Challenges, administrators may set default goals for teams and individual fundraisers, respectively, and fundraisers and team captains can edit those goals to make them their own. For example, the administrator may set a default distance goal for all fundraisers at 100 miles, but the fundraiser, who feels they can do better, updates their own goal to 500 miles.

Fundraisers and team captains can set their individual or team goals, respectively, during registration (Role Registration only), and update them via their dashboard. Administrators can also update an individual's or team's goal through the Admin. We'll walk through each of these options.


If a campaign is configured with Role Registration, fundraisers will be asked to enter an endurance goal amount when they register. This default field appears in the Fundraiser role, and can be configured to show or hide in Registration Builder. This is an easy way to encourage fundraisers to set their own endurance goal. Similarly, when creating a team during registration, team captains are prompted to set their team's endurance goal amount.


Endurance goals can be updated in the Fundraiser Dashboard. 

  • For fundraisers, navigate to the challenge tab (the name of which is the challenge name), then click "Edit goal" in the progress widget on the left. This pops up a window in which the fundraiser can enter a new goal.
  • For team goals, the team captain should navigate to the "My Team" tab, then click "Edit goal" in the progress widget on the right. This pops up a window in which the team captain can enter a new goal.


Administrators can update fundraiser and team endurance goals from the Admin. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Admin at
  2. Locate the desired record in one of two ways:
    1. Option 1: search for the record in the global search bar
    2. Option 2: 
      1. Navigate to the campaign on which to make the change
      2. Click the "People" tab
      3. For fundraisers, click "Registrants". For teams, click "Teams".
      4. Locate the fundraiser or team on which to make the change
  3. Click "Edit" on the resulting record
  4. Locate the section titled with the challenge name
  5. Modify the "Goal amount" field as desired
  6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the popup