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Endurance Challenges is a great way to bring out fundraisers' best effort by engaging them in an endurance activity to help boost their advocacy and, in turn, increase their fundraising.

Once a challenge has been configured on a campaign, fundraisers will see a new tab in their dashboard titled with the name of the challenge. Within that tab, fundraisers can edit their goal or log activities.

Logging an Activity

To log an activity, fundraisers simply click the "Enter Activity" button and enter and submit the requisite information in the ensuing popup. While logging their activity, fundraisers can choose for the activity to be automatically posted to their fundraiser feed.

Once entered, activities can be viewed in the Activity Log. Individual activities may be edited or deleted by clicking the corresponding button on the activity log.

Importing Activities

If the challenge is configured such that fundraisers can connect and import activities from their fitness app, fundraisers will be able to do so in this interface. To learn more about how to connect a fitness app and import activities, click here.

Field Configuration

The field configuration of the activity log popup is determined by the challenge configuration and is managed entirely by the system so that fundraisers only see the fields that are relevant to the particular challenge. Here are the details:

  1. Activity Type (required field)
    • If the challenge allows a single activity type and fundraisers may not add their own, no activity type selector will show. Any activity is entered as the challenge's activity type.
    • If the challenge allows multiple activity types, the fundraiser will be presented with a dropdown list of types to choose from when they log their activity.
    • If the challenge allows fundraisers to add their own activity type, an "Other" option is added to the activity type dropdown, which, when selected, reveals a text field in which the fundraiser can enter their activity type.
  2. Date (required field)
    • This field is always present and required
    • Presents a date picker to the fundraiser where they choose the date the activity occurred. 
  3. Progress field: the configuration here depends heavily on the challenge configuration. There are three progress fields that could potentially appear in the activity popup: Duration, Distance, and custom metric (entered by the administrator when configuring the challenge).
    • Whichever metric is identified on the challenge as tracking progress will be displayed first and will be required. For example, if progress is tracked toward distance, the Distance field will be displayed first and be required. Or, for example, if the administrator had indicated that progress should be tracked toward a custom metric of "Step", the first field would be "Amount", in which the fundraiser enters the number of steps taken, and this field would be required.
    • If the challenge was not configured with a custom metric, rather tracks progress toward distance or duration, then the custom metric field will not appear at all on the activity log popup.
    • If the challenge includes activity types that can be measured in distance, the distance field will be displayed on the popup, but is not required unless it is designated as the metric toward which progress is tracked.
    • Duration is always displayed on the popup, but is not required unless it is designated as the metric toward which progress is tracked.
    • It is possible to hide the non-required fields from the activity log popup. To do this, please contact support.


Administrators can log activity on behalf of fundraisers by logging in as a fundraiser. Click here to learn more about that feature.