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In addition to their regular payment processor, organizations can add an option to donate with PayPal. This allows donors to donate on their own terms, and sometimes provide an easier checkout process for the donor.

Admin Configuration

To add the option to donate through PayPal for all the campaigns in your organization, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the org admin
  2. Click "Settings" under the organization name, then click "PayPal" in the left sidebar.
  3. Click "Connect PayPal", and in the ensuing popup, click "Continue to PayPal".
  4. Enter your PayPal account information in the following PayPal popup and save.
  5. Your entire organization is now configured to add the PayPal button to donation pages.

For Donors

On donation pages, the PayPal option opens a PayPal popup within the donation window, where the donor enters their email and password, chooses their method of payment, and completes their payment, after which they are returned to the donation page with the "Thank you" message displayed.

Managing Multiple PayPal Configurations — Advanced Users Only!

If your organization uses different PayPal accounts for different Rallybound groups or campaigns, or applies PayPal on some campaigns but not others, different PayPal configurations may be set on different levels in the org admin through our powerful entity system. For the time being this system is somewhat hidden, so you'll need to know how to find it to manage your PayPal configuration.

First, how to navigate to the PayPal integration page from any entity (group or campaign):

  1. Navigate to the desired group or campaign
  2. Add "/settings" to the end of the URL, press enter
  3. Click "PayPal" in the left sidebar

Here's a brief overview of how the entity system works:

  • If PayPal is set on the organization level, it propagates to all groups and campaigns in the organization.
  • If PayPal is set on a given group level, it propagates down to all groups and campaigns within that group.
  • If PayPal is set on a campaign, it applies to that campaign alone.
  • A lower-level entity can override a setting of its parent. This is done by clicking the lock icon above the PayPal section, and then clicking "Override parent".
    For example, if PayPal is set on the organization, a group within the organization can opt to override the organization's PayPal configuration, either by removing PayPal entirely from the group, or by adding a different PayPal account. Campaigns can also override their parent groups.
  • An overriding entity can undo the override by adopting the parent configuration. This is done by clicking the disabled lock icon above the PayPal section, then clicking "Adopt parent".
    In our above example, a group with a different PayPal account than its parent organization can adopt the organization's configuration.