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Recommitment feature is available for fundraising campaigns that have WePay or (the latter requires configuration Rallybound configuration). You can also use one of these processors for recommitment only and a different processor for regular donations. Please see Recommitment article on how to use this feature.

There are 2 ways cards can be captured for recommitment feature:


1) Request card info using a form

In this method, you can send the recommitment form to the selected/all registrants. The registrants will fill out the form and provide their card details which will then be captured in the system. Once the card is captured, you can charge their card at any time. The auto-responder for Recommitment Request can be edited in the admin panel. It also contains a link to the recommitment form which captures their card. If you want additional details to be captured, create a form in the form builder and contact to set it up. When submitted, you can access the form fields on the registrant record or registrant report.

To use this method, turn on the "Enable Recommitment" checkbox under the Campaign Settings > Various section. Once turned on, you can follow steps 1-3 in the article above.

2) Capture card during registration

In this method, the registrant's credit card will be captured when they pay the registration fee. Once captured, you can charge the card at any time. Firstly, the campaign should have registration fees setup. This can be done in the Campaign Settings > RSVP/Registration Fee field. Secondly, the waiver should include text about recommitment and capturing their card. To use this method, connect your WePay processor and contact to turn on recommitment on registration, or if you're using, contact to configure your processor and recommitment preferences.