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In the Role Registration Flow, one of the ways a user may register others is by creating a registration for them and inviting them to manage their own account (see the Role Registration Walkthrough for more information). In this scenario, an account will be created for the invited user on the given campaign. The invited user receives an email informing them that an account has been created for them, and prompting them to complete their registration by clicking a link in the email.

Note: The email that is sent to the invited member is editable in the Admin, under Email > Automated Emails > Registration Invite. When editing this email, it is important to include the placeholder "{{Confirm_Registration_Link}}", as that is the link with which the invited user will be able to complete their registration.

Until the invited user completes their registration, their fundraising page will have a Page Access status of "Pending". With this status, the page is inaccessible from everyone except the logged-in user and administrators. The Page Access status is indicated, and may be modified by administrators, on the registrant record in the Admin, under "Page Access".

When the invited user clicks the link in their email, they are directed to a page in which they are prompted to set their password. Once the password is set, the user logs in and is directed to their Fundraiser Dashboard. Their fundraising Page Access status is automatically set to "Public", activating their page, and the invited user can get started on their fundraising campaign.

Note: If the campaign default is to delist all new fundraising pages, the invited user's fundraising page will be set to "Delisted" once they click the "Confirm Registration" link and creates a password. If the campaign default is to set all new fundraising pages to inactive, the invited fundraiser's page is set to inactive and can only be removed from that status by an administrator.

Users may be invited by others even if they had previously registered for a different campaign within the organization. If such a user also has managed users, the first registrant associated with that email address is the one that will be registered. If an existing user was invited to a new campaign, they can confirm their registration and activate their page in one of two ways:

  1. Clicking the link in their invite email. This will direct them to log in to the campaign site.
  2. Log in to the campaign directly. This will direct them to their Fundraiser Dashboard, where they will be met with a message informing them that their page is pending and a link to activate their page.