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Rallybound uses Liquid to load dynamic content in campaign emails and websites, primarily in the form of placeholders. 

Liquid is a template language created by Shopify and used by many different software projects and companies. Administrators can use Liquid to build emails and webpages that combine static content, which is the same wherever it is placed, and dynamic content, which changes from one location to the next. The Liquid elements act as placeholders: when the code in the file is compiled and sent, the Liquid is replaced by data from the Rallybound campaign it's associated with. 

With Liquid, administrators can compose highly personalized emails and add dynamic content to their sites. When a placeholder is used in emails, RallyBound’s template system automatically generates the email with information appropriate for each specific email recipient. Placeholders also add flexibility to site content, FAQs, and campaign dictionaries, minimizing the amount of work that needs to be done when replicating a campaign.

You can learn much more about Liquid by following the links listed below. For your convenience, we have reproduced some of the content from those websites here.

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