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A user can manage other attendees (as in the case of a parent who registers his children to attend an event with him). 
This can be achieved in three ways :

1) During the detailed sign up process :
  • Fill out Step 1 and Step 2 as usual.
  • When you get to Step 3 of detailed registration, click on "Add More Walkers" button.
  • Enter name details and select "Fundraising Tools" as NO. This will make them attendees but not fundraisers.
  • You can add as many attendees in this step.
2) RSVP task in the fundraiser task list : 
  • Click on RSVP Task in your HQ.
  • Click on "Add RSVP" button on the pop-up.
  • Enter the name and click on "Will Attend" checkbox to add an attendee.
  • You can add as many attendees in this step.
3) Administrators can add managed attendees in the admin panel :
  • Go to admin panel -> People -> Registrants
  • Click on Register button on the top left
  • Enter Name and Address details as usual.
  • Under Account Info select Managed Account and under Existing Member select the member that will manage this account.
  • Under Member Options select Attendee option to make them an attendee.


Managed Attendee during RSVP Task

Managed Attendee during Detailed Registration


Managed Attendee from Admin Panel