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National teams allows organizations to aggregate and display fundraising efforts of teams and fundraisers across campaigns towards one national goal. With national teams, organizations can partner with large organizations and corporations to take their fundraising efforts nationwide. Spark a little healthy competition between regional offices or departments that strengthens corporate culture and inspires invigorated support for your organization! 


This feature is only available in our Enterprise License Package Tier. Please contact support to upgrade to this tier and gain access to this feature.

Here's how national teams works in a nutshell:

  • National teams are created on the organization level and applied to entities, making them available to be associated with local teams within campaigns.
  • National team information, like name, custom URL, goal, and page content can be configured by administrators or national team managers.
  • Fundraisers join national teams by joining a local team associated with a national team. In some configurations, fundraisers can join national teams directly.
  • Fundraising efforts of all associated local teams across multiple campaigns roll up to the national team so that the fundraising efforts of fundraisers and teams are displayed on the national team page.
  • National teams can be configured in various ways, allowing the feature to address the unique requirements of your organization.
  • Administrators can report on national teams in their organization, and the national team associations of local teams and fundraisers.

Below you will find everything you need to know about national teams.

Enabling National Teams for your Organization

Please contact our support team to have national teams enabled for your organization. Note: this feature is only available in our Enterprise License Package Tier.

National Teams Roll-Up Diagram