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We offer the option to create Organization accounts for companies in Salesforce

  • When a user a created with a Company Name, Salesforce will automatically create a Household Account for that Contact and a Organization Account for that company with an affiliation between the Contact and the Organization Account. 
  • If an admin creates a Company (without any First Name or Last Name), Salesforce will create only an Organization Account and a Contact (with Company Name as Last Name) under that Organization Account.
  • We have a future update planned to not create any Contact in Salesforce for just a Company (without any First Name or Last Name)

An Admin can create / update a Donation to be a Company Donation by clicking the checkbox "company donation"

  • Salesforce will create / update the Opportunity to be linked to that Organization Account. 


  • A user must be using Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).
  • A Company Donation must have a Contact with a Company Name.