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There are two methods to add a picture gallery to standalone pages. The first is to add under the Placeholder Title.


To add the images here you would go to your CAMPAIGN ADMIN > SETTINGS > CAMPAIGN DICTIONARY > PAGE DESCRIPTION. Here you can simply enter the images into the body and save.


The second option is to have photos display in the available widget, which will cycle through images.


You can use any embeddable album. Some examples are Flickr and Smugmug. Instructions for embedding SmugMug can be found here. Instructions for Flickr are below:

  1. You will need a Flickr account and any albums you share must be public.
    1. Note: If you plan to embed slideshows on your site, we highly recommend purchasing the "Flickr Pro" version. Otherwise, ads may appear in your slideshows.
  2. Copy the code from Flick
  3. Log into Flickr and click Albums
  4. Click the Share this album button on the album you want to embed
  5. Click Embed.
  6. Select a size. The width should be 290px.
  7. Copy the displayed code.
  8. Paste the code into the available widget in Rallybound by logging into Rallybound: CAMPAIGN ADMIN > SETTINGS > CAMPAIGN DICTIONARY > WIDGET HTML - CUSTOM
  9. Paste the code into SOURCE (and make sure you save).