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Rallybound will push product information into Salesforce leveraging the standard pricebook and products feature.

Ticket Purchases may be mapped to Opportunity line-items (via PricebookEntries) in Salesforce, in the following two ways: 

1. If a Rallybound Ticket is not mapped to a specific PricebookEntry, it will be mapped to a default/catch-all PricebookEntry. In other words, a basic use of this feature would require you to have only two PricebookEntries in Salesforce: one called "Ticket", the other called "Donation". When a ticket purchase occurs, for example a purchase of two adult tickets, a single child ticket and an additional donation, it'll create three line items: adult ticket x2 at the adult cost, child ticket x1 at the child cost (both of which will use the mapped default Ticket PricebookEntry). The third line item would be donation x1 at the donation amount, and will use the mapped Donation PricebookEntry.

2. Alternatively, when editing tickets in the Rallybound Admin, you can map a specific PricebookEntryID, so that the tickets won't be bundled in the catchall Ticket PricebookEntry.

The following contains instructions on Viewing Products in Salesforce, Adding a New Product in Salesforce, and Locating Pricebook Entry IDs in Salesforce.

Viewing Products


1. To view the current products, choose the + to go to All Tabs.



2. Locate the Products tab




3. In the Product Views section, click the Go button next to the All Products list view.




Adding a New Product

Products set up in Rallybound must have a matching product entry in the pricebook.

1. To add a new product, begin at the All Products view as outlined in the previous section of this document.




2. Complete the information for the new product and click the Save & Add Price button




3. Add the pricing information, make sure the product is active and Save.  This item automatically becomes part of the standard price book.




Locating Pricebook Entry IDs

The Pricebook Entry ID is needed for the Rallybound fields Donation PricebookEntry ID, Ticket-Default PricebookEntry ID, and Salesforce PricebookEntryId.

Locating the Pricebook Entry ID:

1. To view more tabs click on the +




2. Choose Pricebooks




3. On the Pricebook Screen, choose Standard Price Book.  If you don’t see any listed, you may need to click on the All from the View drop-down and choose Go!




4. On the Standard Price Book page, locate the product and click the View link.





5. Select the product from the list. With the Product open, you can find the the Pricebook Entry ID in the URL.