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With flexible scheduling options for reports, administrators can receive the latest data from their fundraising campaigns directly to their inbox. Reports can be scheduled to be sent as a CSV file to a specified email address or preconfigured Dropbox account on a recurring basis.

Scheduling a report

This feature supports most reports (see below for a complete list). To schedule a report, follow these steps:

  1. Log in at
  2. Navigate to the campaign on which you'd like to schedule your report
  3. Click "Reports"
  4. Double-click on the report you’d like to schedule
  5. Click the button labeled Schedule Report in the report toolbar
  6. Enter the desired parameters for your report:
    1. If a Dropbox integration is configured on the campaign, choose whether to email or send to Dropbox
    2. Email address to send to
    3. Choose the date and time the report should first be sent
      • Time used here is the user’s local time
    4. How often to send the report (choose a number and an interval period)
      • Note: if an hourly interval is selected, only incremental reports can be selected in the next field
    5. Send full or incremental report
      • Full Report: Every sent report contains all relevant data
      • Incremental Report: Each report contains only new data captured since the last report was generated
  7. Click Schedule Report
  8. Done! Now just sit back and wait for the scheduled report to appear in your inbox or Dropbox!

Cancelling a scheduled report

The report recipient may choose to stop receiving scheduled reports by clicking the relevant link within the body of the email:

To stop receiving this report, please click here.

For dropbox users, please contact support to request a stoppage for your scheduled report.

Supported Reports

The following reports support the scheduling functionality. Saved versions and ALL CAMPAIGNS versions of a listed report are also supported.

  • Counts and Totals
  • Credit Card Payments - ALL CAMPAIGNS
  • Donation Amounts
  • Donations
  • Donations with tribute notifications
  • Donors including registration fees
  • Donors (verified donations)
  • Endurance Activities
  • Form Submissions
  • Fundraisers with Donation and Contacts Summary
  • Fundraisers and Teams
  • Purchased Tickets
  • Recurring Donations
  • Registrants with Reg Fields, Donation and Contacts Summary
  • Salesforce Sync Donations
  • Teams with Summary
  • Transactions
  • User Accounts