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Rallybound features deep Salesforce integration, allowing organizations to track their  records and information in Salesforce.Rallybound

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM systems, is increasingly becoming the most attractive option for nonprofits to manage their contact relationships, and for good reason. Salesforce’s cloud-based software makes your records available and editable wherever you are. With hundreds of apps and integrations, you can configure, manage, and export your information however you want. Salesforce is more user-friendly than the competition, while offering more flexible and robust management and reporting tools, all at a more affordable price.

With this integration, all your peer to peer fundraising data is automatically synced to Salesforce, placing it right alongside the rest of your organization’s contact information.


Rallybound integrates with native Salesforce objects and fields, as well as whatever nonprofit add-on you might have, including Salesforce’s own Nonprofit Success Pack, Causeview, roundCause, and NGO Connect. Rallybound exports standard and/or custom objects and fields, allowing you to personalize the integration for your organization’s unique setup. You can also choose to export custom registration fields and forms that you have set up with Rallybound. Listed below are the default objects Rallybound exports into Salesforce:


Rallybound Objectmaps toSalesforce Object
Gift and Payment objects (for Causeview)
Account (depending on how Accounts are used)
Team Fundraising Page
Personal Fundraising Page
There is an option to list Campaign > Team > Fundraiser in a hierarchy (recommended), or to just map the top-level campaign and omit fundraising pages entirely.
User Involvement 
in a given campaign
>Campaign Member
This is a Salesforce mapping object in which one can track how a user interacts with a specific campaign: whether the user is attending, is fundraising, has donated, is on a team, is a team captain, etc.
Donor>Opportunity Contact Role
This applies when Accounts are not being used as a one-to-one match for Contacts.
Fundraiser/Solicitor of Donation (also known as Soft Credit)>Opportunity Contact Role
Solicitor (for Causeview)
These are mapping objects in which one can track the identity of the solicitor (i.e., the fundraiser) on a given donation.