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This document outlines the process established for managing Rallybound and Salesforce campaigns at the end of the fiscal year.

You can manage year over year campaigns through the following two methods:

A) Creating the new campaign in Rallybound first which can create the new campaign in Salesforce automatically; or

B) Creating a new campaign in Salesforce first and then create the campaign in Rallybound and map them to each other.

This document will also cover:

C) How to manage Rallybound campaigns that do not end

D) How to find the Rallybound Goal ID

A) Rallybound Creates Salesforce Campaign (recommended)

  1. If Salesforce Settings need to be adjusted before a campaign is created, Admin will need to turn the Salesforce sync off.

  1. Rallybound Administrator will either replicate or relaunch the campaign  (information provided here).

    1. Relaunching a campaign will end the previous campaign and reset all fundraising activity on the same URL.

    2. Replicating the campaign will create a new campaign while copying the settings over.

  2. Administrator will need to understand the initial mapping to know what fields need to be updated. Examples are listed below but these can vary based on your organization’s Salesforce set-up. If you are unfamiliar please coordinate with the Consultant that guided you through the set-up process.

Main Campaign Name: In this example a year was added before the placeholder that represents the Rallybound Campaign Name. This is done to reflect activity for the current year.

Main Campaign Parent Campaign ID: The Parent Campaign where the Rallybound campaigns are nested. If a new Parent Campaign has been created the new Campaign ID must be entered here.

Please review ALL settings to ensure changes do not need to be made.

If additional custom fields are created (registration fields, form fields) they will need to be entered on the following template and provided to Rallybound support to update mapping.

  1. Rallybound will create a new campaign within Salesforce.

B) Admin Creates Salesforce Campaign and Maps to Rallybound Campaign

  1. Create the new campaign in Salesforce
  2. If Rallybound has already been connected to Salesforce the Salesforce sync will need to be turned off in the campaign you're replicating
  3. Replicate or Relaunch the desired Rallybound campaign and identify the Rallybound Campaign Goal ID (Instruction D). If your campaign does not end review Instruction C.

  4. Go into the Salesforce Campaign and EDIT record. As long as the Rallybound Fields Package has been downloaded there will be a field for the Rallybound Goal ID.

  1. Enter the Rallybound Goal ID.

  2. Review Rallybound Salesforce Settings.

  3. Turn Rallybound Salesforce Sync on and save.

C) How to manage Rallybound campaigns that do not end:

If you have a Rallybound campaigns that you do not want to end, (such as a “Do It Yourself” or “DIY” campaign, Memorial Campaign or General Donation) but you would like to create a new Salesforce campaign you will need to do the following:

  1. Create the new campaign in Salesforce

  2. Open the previous years Salesforce campaign, locate the goal ID and then EDIT > CUT/REMOVE GOAL ID, (and replace it with a ‘0’ in order for our trigger that retains all Rallybound custom fields on the Campaign Member Records during a Contact Merge to work). In this example the screenshot reflects “Tribute 2017”

  1. Go back to Campaign View where you can see the new Salesforce campaign that has been created. Select/edit the current year’s campaign and “PASTE” the Rallybound Goal ID in the same spot.

D) Find the Rallybound Goal ID:

  1. Go into Rallybound Campaign Admin > Reports > Fundraiser and Teams Report and run the report. The GOAL ID with TeamID = 0 and MemberID = 0 is the Rallybound Goal ID for this campaign.

  1. Go into Salesforce and enter the Rallybound Goal ID in the correct field.