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Double your donation!

Donation matching is simple to configure with a Rallybound standalone donation page. Once a match is configured, an automatic countdown widget displays how long donors have to take advantage of the match. Additionally, donation amounts in various locations are displayed as "effective amount", making it clear to the donor what they are contributing with their donation.

To set up a matching campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new standalone donation page
  2. Click "Enable Editing" in the top right (ensure you are logged in as an administrator)
  3. In the "Matchers" widget, click "Add Matcher"
  4. In the ensuing popup, add matcher information, including:
    • Image (you can upload the matcher's logo here)
    • Name
    • Website (the matcher's name will link to this site)
    • Description
    • Match end date
  5. Watch as the effective amounts on the page, as well as the calls to action, change to reflect the new match!

To determine what amount was matched by a given matcher, navigate to the Matchers report in the reports tab of the admin panel. That report lists each matcher, the amount matched, number of donations, and matched-until date.


  • Donation amounts aren't actually affected. Donation records and reports in the admin panel will still reflect actual donation amounts.
  • There is not currently a way to limit a match by maximum donation amount. To accomplish something along these lines, you can clarify the messaging of your donation page that the donations are only matched up to the goal amount. Additionally, this can be messaged in the individual matcher's description text.
  • The actual match does not have to be entered into Rallybound, nor should it be. If the actual match is entered after the match campaign is complete, the amount raised will include both the artificial match amount and the actual match amounts, leading to incorrect amount raised amounts on the donation page front end.