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When your organization hosts a ticketed event, you can use Rallybound to streamline ticket sales, eliminating the need for third-party event ticketing sites. Standalone Ticketing Pages are easy to navigate, branded with your organization’s look and feel, and customizable to collect the information you need.

Fundraising events are a staple of many nonprofits’ revenue streams. Events such as galas, contests, sporting events, concerts, or lectures keep supporters active and create a social component to making an impact. It’s convenient for your supporters to always know where to look when they want to get involved in these kinds of activities, and Rallybound ticketing pages ensures that registration stays on your site from start to finish.

A Rallybound ticket site enables your organization to take advantage of all the capabilities that come with your Rallybound package. Admins have the ability to set event registration steps and questions, donation amounts, and discount codes. Our template allows for customizable colors, images, text, and video, and offers space to recognize sponsors or other contributors to the event.

Push event attendee data seamlessly into third-party email marketing and CRM systems, and use the administrator tools to communicate with event attendees to send reminders and follow up. Selling tickets on your site, rather than directing participants to an external ticketing page, keeps all your data under one roof. A Rallybound ticketing page allows your organization to track donor contact information and gift amounts without the hassle of exporting and transferring data from another platform to your CRM or mailing lists.

Ticketing Pages

On the front-end, Rallybound's ticketing pages are very similar to donation pages, and include:

  • Logo or organization name
  • A login link (this can be disabled in the admin panel, under Settings > Campaign Settings > Various > Hide Login link)
    • When logged in, users can visit their profile section
  • Main image
  • Page title and paragraph text
  • Ticket form and fields
  • Event Information module
  • Sponsors module (off by default)
  • Goal module (off by default)
  • Social module (off by default)
  • Recent donations module (off by default)

As with the donation page, most of these elements are editable, including the modules, which may be toggled on or off, as well as reordered with a simple drag-and-drop.

Ticket Builder

Rallybound's ticket builder allows administrators to create tickets, with fields and options, to set up their campaign exactly as they want it. The ticket builder includes:

  • Create tickets
  • Define ticket properties (name, description, expiration date, price, quantity)
  • Create form field (text box, paragraph box, checkbox, dropdown, multi-select, date)
  • Field options
The ticket builder is intuitive and fluid, and saves changes on the front end as they are made in the back end. It is accessible in the left sidebar of the campaign admin panel.

Creating a Ticketing Page

To create a new ticketing page, click the big plus in the top right of your admin.