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As users become increasingly more mobile, organizations need to think about how to reach users on the devices they are on. To this end, Rallybound offers a text-to-donate solution, which enables donors to use SMS texting as a pathway to donating. Here's how it works:

Rallybound's client success team will work with your organization to configure text-to-donate functionality for your campaign, during which your organization will:

  1. Be provided with a shortcode — a 5-digit number — to which your donors will text.
  2. Choose one or multiple keywords your donors will text to the shortcode. Note that some keywords may already be taken.
  3. Provide the message to be replied to the user when they send the text. Ideally, this message includes a link to a donation page.

Once configured, donors can text the chosen keyword to the shortcode to receive the provided message in response. They will be prompted to click a link where they can submit their donation.

Donation Form

While all Rallybound's donation forms are responsive and feature a mobile-first design, our donation lightbox is the most suitable for mobile users. The link sent to donors can be configured so that donors are sent directly to the donation lightbox to ensure they encounter the quickest and most mobile-friendly donation experience.

Additionally, parameters can be added to the link that can preselect various elements of the donation page, thereby encouraging specific outcomes and reducing the amount of clicks/taps the donor must make. Here are some of the URL parameters that can be used:

  • Preset the donation amount: donate=[amount]
  • Preselect the recurring option (if available): recur=true
  • Preselect the donor cover fees option (if available): coverfee=true

Click here (under Other Embed Options) learn more about URL parameters on the donation page.


We recommend using tracking codes to identify which donors submit donations through the text-to-donate campaign. Any custom code can be added to the link that is sent to donors. Click here to learn more about how to configure and report on tracking codes.

Configuring Text-to-Donate

To configure text-to-donate for your campaign, please contact our support team.