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All times in the Neon Fundraise Admin are listed in Pacific time. This includes in the Automation tab, in reports, in people and transaction grids, etc. There are a few exceptions, listed below.

Event Date/Time

A campaign's event date/time is stored in Pacific time by default. However, there is a timezone field on the date field that allows administrators to change the timezone to one of their choice. Setting the timezone ensures features like the countdown widget and the calendar invite feature calculate towards the correct time.

To update a campaign's date, navigate to the campaign detail page, click the edit icon on the date field, then select the timezone text and update as appropriate. The field doesn't recognize locations, so instead you will need to find the location that is closest to the desired one in timezone function. For example, an event occurring in Las Vegas might set its timezone to Los Angeles.

The timezone field is not editable during the replication process, but may be modified after a campaign is replicated.

Note that all of the above also applies to Champion Campaigns.

Report Scheduling

When scheduling a report, the date/time requested in the relevant modal recognizes the user's local time.

Ticket Expiration Date

Unlike the exceptions above, a ticket's expiration date is set in the Admin in Pacific time. However, on the front end ticketing page, the expiration date/time shown is offset by the campaign's selected timezone (above). For example, for a 5pm event where the event's timezone is set to New York, the ticket expiration time should still be set to 2 pm on the given date. This will expire the ticket at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern (as desired), but users purchasing the ticket will see 5pm as the expiration time, based on the campaign's selected timezone.