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Role Registration is an innovative look at the entire registration process that reconsiders the central idea of what registration is. Instead of registration being what it is currently: a series of disparate questions (sometimes very lengthy), we reframed Role Registration around the idea of Identity. During the Role Registration Flow, we are asking the user to answer this question:

Who am I in the context of this event?

When we apply this question to registration, all the complexity of other registration systems falls neatly into place. Once they provide their contact information, the registrant identifies their various roles in this event:

  • Am I an attendee? What information is relevant to this role?

  • Am I a fundraiser? What information is relevant to this role?

  • Am I a team member? What information is relevant to this role?

With this model in place, many benefits become immediately apparent:

  1. Once registrants identify their roles, they view only the questions related to them so that they’re not bogged down by a lengthy process that is not applicable.
  2. Registrants can see at a glance what their participation in this event is by viewing their Identity Card in the Fundraiser Dashboard. They can then edit that information in the exact same way as they set it up initially (this feature is not yet available).
  3. Adding additional registrants becomes as simple as the first registration: it’s just another identity card. The user provides the information, identifies the roles, and they've got another registrant.
  4. Administrators can give their registrants different ways to participate in their event — like being a volunteer — as a natural part of the registration flow, without adding too much “weight” to the registration flow.
  5. Administrators can easily retrieve registrants based on their roles, to find all attendees or all volunteers, for example, and take actions as appropriate.
  6. …and many more benefits that will be added as development of Role Registration continues.

For more on the Role Registration Flow, see the articles in this section.