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May 15, 2019


  • Resending a transaction email will now attach the associated PDF, provided that a PDF was attached at the time of the initial transaction.

  • PDF Attachments can now be sent unlocked, meaning recipients can theoretically edit the PDF in certain applications. This allows email services (like Gmail) to scan the attachment for viruses, making the recipient more confident downloading it. Unlocking the PDF will be the default for all new sites.

  • Role ID, Member ID, and PaymentID were added to registration records in Role Registration campaigns.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented administrators from deleting videos from the Personal Page Defaults media gallery.


  • Registrants on campaigns with the Role Registration Flow configured will be able to change details of their registration "Identity" cards in the Fundraiser Dashboard, under the My Info tab. Note: only roles without an associated cost may be changed.

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