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  • Administrators can now process payments through NeonPay! NeonPay is our most feature-rich processor available, with recurring, recommitment, ACH payments, partial refunds, and more. See the NeonPay section of our Helpdesk for more.
  • Our stored payment method system now supports iATS. Contact us to configure iATS for your campaigns.


  • We've added an optional setting for users to confirm their email on registration. Please contact us to configure this.
  • "Message to Display If No Tickets Available" dictionary term has been added to the Admin Panel Campaign Dictionary.


  • The confirmation popup when deleting a registration has been fixed.
  • If a recurring donation plan ends or fails, we can now initiate a corresponding Salesforce sync update.


  • Accounts with multiple users will be assigned a primary user that is most associated with the email address on the account.