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  • A "Hide Login link" option has been added to the admin panel of standalone campaigns that hides the login link at the top of the page.
  • PayPal and ACH donations can now be moved between campaigns (for Org Processor configurations only).


  • Corrected two issues with sponsors that appeared in last week’s release:
    • Sponsors levels now display sponsors correctly
    • Sponsor images now display at the uploaded size
  • Fixed an error that prevented users from going through the Role Registration flow if phone was required but address was not requested.


  • One-click donations! Donors will be able to save payment methods to be re-used for one-click donating on the donation page and donation lightbox.
  • The "Administrators" tab in the Org Admin will be changed to "Organization". 
  • Administrators will be able to manage their campaign URLs, including add (multiple), delete, and change primary.
  • Accounts with multiple users will be assigned a primary user that is most associated with the email address on the account.