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  • The standard member-list page now includes a sort-by last name option.
  • Share with Twitter posts will now pull metadata like title and description from the campaign's social share values.
  • Quick Role Registration now supports join-team links.


  • Resending emails now resends to the user's most recently updated email address.
  • Fixed field alignment in the dashboard RSVP popup (applies to non-Role Registration campaigns only).
  • Fixed an issue in which report columns would be out of order when viewing a saved report on a campaign on which it was not created.
  • Fixed registration duplicates in certain scenarios (applies to Role Registration only).
  • Short month names no longer default to French in Registration and Ticket Builders (and when using moment.js).
  • Cardholder name is now reflected in transaction records in NeonPay.
  • Corrected an issue with the processing fees amount in the Credit Card Payments report for legacy recurring donations.


  • One-click donations! Donors will be able to save payment methods to be re-used for one-click donating on the donation page and donation lightbox.
  • Accounts with multiple users will be assigned a primary user that is most associated with the email address on the account.