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  • One-click donations! Donors can now save payment methods to be re-used for one-click donating on the donation page and donation lightbox. Click here to learn more.
  • Administrators can now add ticket fields to multiple tickets simultaneously! To add this feature to your instance, please contact us.


  • We've made some significant changes to handling of multi-user accounts throughout our system:
    • In all user accounts which contain more than one user, a single user is now identified as primary, indicating that the account’s email address should be most associated with this user.
    • The primary user is determined to be the user in the account that was first to create a login — this can be a registrant or donor.
    • On the front end, in the profile dropdown, the primary user is identified with a star.
    • In the admin panel, all non-primary users have a new "Managed By" field on their contact record, which references the name and user ID of the managing user (user IDs can be found in registrant reports).
    • Managed users can be made primary using the new "Make Primary" button on contact records.
    • The primary user can be addressed separately in registration autoresponders by using the new "{{ User.Is_Primary }}" Liquid placeholder if-block.
  • Administrators can now filter sent emails by first and last name.
  • The Org Admin search results window has been expanded to allow for longer result names. Additionally, alt text has been added to the results for better accessibility.
  • Alt text has been added to site builder list items for better accessibility.
  • Added various configuration options to the display of Champion campaigns in relation to teams, as listed below. To configure any of these, please contact us.
    • Champion campaigns of any team member can appear on the team page
    • Champion campaigns of ONLY team captains can appear on the team page
    • Champion campaigns of team captains can appear on team members' pages


  • Fixed a link in the delisted campaign notice.
  • The bulk edit feature has been fixed on campaigns with the Role Registration Flow.
  • Fixed a bug that disallowed updating the price of a ticket that was used.


  • The member count on the Org Admin campaigns list will exclude users who created an account through the Role Registration Flow but did not complete their registration.