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  • It is now possible to configure campaigns such that registrants who donate during registration receive separate emails for the registration and donation respectively. Please contact us to set this up.
  • The default text of recurring emails now contain a link for the donor to manage their plan. If the donor doesn’t already have an account, the link redirects them to create one.
  • The organization country field in the Org Admin is now a dropdown field for better validation. 


  • The Omni donation form now correctly displays the ACH payment option based on whether it is configured on the processing campaign.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when trying to apply a discount code to multiple fields that are each less than the discount amount but together are more than the discount amount.
  • A front-end country/state validation error in the Role Registration Flow was fixed.


  • We will be implementing fraud prevention updates across our system with reCaptcha v2 and v3 upgrades.