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  • Administrators can allow donors to opt out of receiving a PDF receipt when they submit a donation. This setting is accessible in the Admin Panel, under Email > PDF Receipt.
  • Administrators can set a minimum donation amount that triggers a PDF receipt. This setting is accessible in the Admin Panel, under Email > PDF Receipt.
  • The {{Eligible_Amount}} placeholder, mainly used in the PDF receipt, now includes processing fees that the donor covered. We have also added {{Eligible_Amount_Without_Fees}} for administrators who want to exclude processing fees from the tax deductible amount listed on their tax receipt.
  • Added subtotal and total fields to the registration record when registering through the Admin Panel.


  • Updated the default "Donate to self" fundraiser task to read "Donate to your own campaign".

  • Fixed an issue that caused PNG, GIF and BMP files to be converted to JPEG. Transparent PNGs, for example, are now displayed correctly across sites.

  • Email addresses that appear in the Fundraiser Dashboard Recent Donations list are no longer awkwardly capitalized.
  • The Registration and Ticket Builders now prevent administrators from entering a quantity that's less than the amount used for roles and tickets.
  • Due to privacy concerns, User to User Thank You and User to User Invite auto responder emails have been removed from the Sent Emails tab in Admin Panel.
  • Added padding around the back button in login and registration, making it easier to identify.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented $0 registrations from syncing to NeonCRM on certain campaigns.

  • Campaigns that are moved between groups now immediately adopt their parent entity's settings.


  • Donors will be able to modify their recurring donation plans through the donor portal!