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  • The login email field now presents the email-oriented keyboard on supported mobile devices.

  • Updated wording of the refund and convert registration confirmation dialogue popups for clarity.

  • On the team fundraising page, the member list cards have been redesigned when viewing on mobile.

  • Credomatic is now a supported payment processor.


  • Fixed a bug that caused auto-admin logout to be inconsistent in different interfaces. Now, admin authorization always expires whenever the browser session is ended.

  • A permission item has been added for recurring options under the Forms category.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a donation error if the donation message had just under 1,000 characters and included special characters.

  • Making role registration updates is now correctly reflected in the member's last-modified field.

  • Allow multiple integrations to the same Salesforce organization for different users.


  • Endurance Challenges! Administrators will be able to create endurance challenges that fundraisers can participate in by setting goals and logging activity towards those goals.