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  • Donors can now update their payment method's expiration date when prompted to update billing information for a saved method.

  • We now send Rallybound's invoice ID to PayPal for PayPal transactions.


  • Made some minor design improvements to the user profile section.

  • Fixed a bug that caused registration settings to be hidden from the Admin for memorial campaigns.

  • Fixed a bug that caused payment tokens to not be stored when attempting to retokenize a payment method.

  • Recommitment can now be initiated from the Registrants report.
  • Fixed various issues with the "Various - Facebook ID" term in the Admin.

  • We've updated various locations to display the campaign's default currency correctly (when not set to USD).


  • Donors will be able to download CSV reports of their transactions from the donor portal.

  • The Registrants reports will be updated to include a new Page Access column.