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  • Acceptiva payment processor is no longer supported.


  • Donation count triggers can now be limited by donation amount. For example, a badge can be awarded to a fundraiser who received 10 donations of at least $100 each.
  • The {{Donation.Recurring_Upgrade_URL}} placeholder, which returns the recurring plan upgrade link, has been added to recurring auto responders.
  • Page Access column has been added to registrant reports to indicate the page access status of individual fundraising pages.
  • Removed server-side mobile detection to improve site performance. Campaign sites may be affected.
  • Moved the endurance widget on fundraising pages to be below the fundraising progress widget.
  • Increased the character limit for the sponsor URL field to 255 characters.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing daily recurring plans to be created in Salesforce as annual plans. Click here for more details.

  • The Default State field has been moved from Fundraising > Advanced to Forms > Advanced. The associated permission has also been updated correspondingly.

  • The option to post an endurance activity to the fundraiser feed no longer shows when fundraiser feed is not enabled.

  • Redesigned the buttons on the endurance activity delete lightbox.

  • Fixed a display issue with the new "Progress Bars - Advanced" homepage widget.
  • The "Is_Active" attribute has been hidden from the challenge section in the placeholder popup.


  • Donors will be able to download CSV reports of their transactions from the donor portal.

  • Administrators will be able to create custom automated emails based on endurance progress.