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New and Exciting

Endurance Triggers
Administrators can now create custom emails to be sent based on endurance progress, when the participant has—

  1. reached a specified percent of their endurance goal (e.g., 100%)
  2. completed a specified number of endurance units (e.g., 15 miles)
  3. logged a specified number of activities (e.g., 5)

If a challenge is configured on the campaign, an email can be created in the Email > Automated Emails tab, by clicking "Add Custom Email". Click here to learn more.


  • The progress bar on Template 3 has been updated to support endurance challenges (and it also looks a bit cooler!).

  • Scheduled reports can be configured to not be sent if they don't contain data.

  • Salesforce connections can now be refreshed by clicking "Reconnect" on the connection record in the Admin, under Organization > Integrations.
  • Champion campaign end date can now be cleared by the champion fundraiser who created the campaign.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Donation IDs to not display properly in the Salesforce logs grid.

  • Fixed a design bug when mixing the beta "Flat" donation design and the Show Your Match feature.
  • Updated "1.0m" to "1m" to represent 1,000,000 in various places in the system.


  • Credit card type will be displayed in the credit card number field as the user types their credit card number.
  • Donors will be able to download CSV reports of their transactions from the donor portal.