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New and Exciting!

Credit Card Field Improvements

  • Credit card type is now displayed in the credit card number field as the user types their credit card number.
  • Spaces are automatically added as appropriate as the user types their credit card number.


  • The registration endurance goal field and fundraising page endurance progress widget title can now be renamed without renaming the associated challenge. Please contact us to make changes like these.


  • Campaigns without URL's will no longer show the icon to open website in the Admin.
  • Updated "1.0m" to "1m" to represent 1,000,000 in various places in the system.


  • Our upcoming NeonSSO migration is scheduled for 8/22. Click here to learn all about the migration.
  • Administrators will be able to allow fundraisers to import endurance activities from a connected Strava account.
  • The endurance leaderboard widget will display top teams alongside top participants.