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New and Exciting! 

Summary Letter
Organizations can now make available yearly summary letters donors can download for each year in which they have donation activity. The summary letter includes an editable term, a list of transactions, and totals. Administrators can edit the term in the Admin, under Forms > Customize (on the Org entity). Donors can download the summary letter from their transactions list in the donor portal. To enable this feature, please contact us.


  • Donors can now download CSV reports of their transactions from the donor portal.
  • Implemented some design improvements to the role registration flow:

    1. The header is now fixed to the top of the screen, as is the footer in certain screens.
    2. Dropdown fields that are at the bottom of the page now open correctly within the window.
    3. Some buttons have been moved around on mobile to increase visibility.
  • We've released a new Rallybound Apex Sync Package (Apex 2.41) which includes minor bug fixes and maintenance updates. Upgrade at your earliest convenience via
  • The PayPal button can now be hidden from the donation page when a non-default currency is selected. Please contact us to configure this.

  • The donor cover fees amount is now excluded from effective amount in Show Your Match campaigns.


  • Added 9/12: Fixed an error on administrator login. 

  • In the Endurance Activities report, Activity Type column name has been changed from "Name" to "Type".

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Endurance Activities report to return an error when there are multiple Endurance Challenges in the entity hierarchy.