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New and Exciting!

NeonCRM Fundraisers Sync
Donation recipient is now synced to NeonCRM's fundraiser field! This also applies to all active NeonCRM integrations already configured.

New Fundraiser Endurance Tasks
Administrators can now add "Update endurance goal", "Log endurance activity", and "Connect endurance integration" as fundraiser task list items, under Fundraising > Task List. These new tasks are visible and toggle-able (disabled by default) in all Rallybound instances, but will only be displayed to fundraisers if there is an active Endurance Challenge on the campaign.

Configure Endurance Duration Display
Administrators can now choose how to display duration for endurance progress throughout their site. Choose from:

  • Duration (e.g., 1:30) — default
  • Minutes (e.g., 90)
  • Hours (e.g., 1.5)
  • Hours and Minutes (e.g., 1h 30m)


  • Our Credomatic integration now supports international currencies SVC, GTQ, NIO, HNL.


  • Fixed a bug that was identifying $0 tickets as being deleted.
  • Fixed an issue in which some templates were including front-end code from other templates.

  • Fixed a bug that caused entities to not be displayed properly when adding access to entities in the individual Administrator user permissions popup.

  • The Endurance Challenges Admin interface now show child entities as inheriting from the parent before anything has been configured. In order to configure a challenge on an entity, first override the parent configuration.

  • Added 9/24: Removed the Powered by Strava logo from standalone pages.
  • Added 9/24: Fixed an issue that was causing NeonCRM to not sync donations without a value for the Fund field.


  • CRM sync records that were synced again will be hidden from the CRM logs grid by default.
  • Campaigns that are using standard templates will be able to change the site fonts via Site Builder.
  • The Rallybound logo in the footer of campaign sites will be changed to white on standard templates.