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  • Discount code field is now hidden from the Role Registration Flow if there are no valid discount codes configured on the campaign.
  • The email share button now automatically pre-populates a link to the page in the email body.
  • CRM sync records that were synced again will be hidden from the CRM logs grid by default, only displaying the latest sync record. Previous records can be displayed by enabling "Previous Sync Records > Show All Attempts" in the filter drawer.


  • Administrators can now email a list of registrants from a filtered view of the Registrants grid.
  • A failed social login now displays an error to the user instead of redirecting them to register.

  • The "Post to fundraiser feed" option on the Strava connection dialogue now only displays when fundraiser feed is active.
  • The Role Registration register page no longer requests name for returning users (when name field is split).

  • Administrators can now sort their campaign list by event date.